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Welcome to the Neil Lazarus Mini Courses!

Continue your learning journey with Neil Lazarus, renowned speaker and expert facilitator, through our specially designed Mini Courses. As a participant in a seminar by Neil Lazarus from, we value your commitment to personal and professional growth. Now, we invite you to take the next step and delve deeper into various topics of interest with our exclusive Mini Courses.

Why Choose Neil Lazarus Mini Courses?

Expert-Led Learning: Benefit from Neil Lazarus' extensive knowledge and expertise in a condensed and focused format. Each Mini Course is carefully crafted to deliver high-impact, actionable insights
Convenient and Accessible: Our Mini Courses are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. With concise modules and flexible learning options, you can access the course materials anytime, anywhere. 

Diverse Topics: Explore a wide range of topics relevant to personal development, leadership, communication, cultural understanding, and more. Whether you want to enhance your public speaking skills, strengthen your intercultural competence, or improve your leadership abilities, we have a Mini Course to suit your needs.

Engaging Learning Experience: Immerse yourself in interactive learning experiences that combine video lessons, practical exercises, and real-life examples. Benefit from Neil Lazarus' engaging teaching style, which will keep you motivated and inspired throughout your learning journey.

Continuation of Growth: The Neil Lazarus Mini Courses provide a natural continuation of your learning experience with Neil Lazarus and Build upon the knowledge and skills gained in the seminar and expand your expertise in specific areas of interest.

Unlock Your Potential with Neil Lazarus Mini Courses:

We believe that lifelong learning is the key to personal and professional success. By enrolling in our Mini Courses, you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of crucial topics relevant to your personal and professional growth.
  • Acquire practical tools and strategies that you can immediately apply in your daily life.
  • Broaden your cultural awareness and develop a global mindset.
  • Stay connected with the community and continue your journey of growth and development.

Lessons in Understand the Impact of Middle Eastern Politics on Global Affairs:

  1. 1 Introduction

  2. 2 Sykes Picot causes chaos

    Objective: We will explore The Sykes Picot agreement

  3. 3 Colonialism causes a mess

    Objective: We will discuss Colonialism in the Middle East

  4. 4 Sunnis and Shiites, ya wot?

    Objective: Discussing the Sunni Shiite Conflict

  5. 5 Sunni and Shiites In Depth

    Objective: Discussing the Sunni Shiite Conflict

  6. 6 Arab Spring or Arab Winter?

    Objective: An Egyptian dissident explains

  7. 7 A Middle East Sandwich

    Objective: understanding the Middle East via a sandwich

  8. 8 The Iraq War and its consequences

    Objective: Understand why the war in Iraq was such a turning point

  9. 9 The Israeli Palestinian Conflict Explained

    Objective: Trying to explain the conflict simply

  10. 10 Settlements, a block to peace? "Bricks and Blocks: Unraveling the Settlement Puzzle"

    Objective: A settler explains his perspective

  11. 11 Jerusalem. A holy mess

    Objective: Why is Jerusalem so problematic

  12. 12 Atomic Antics: Iran's Nuclear Mumbo Jumbo

    Objective: To understand Iran's nuclear threat

  13. 13 Hamas Explained

    Objective: Understanding Hamas and Islamic Jihad with a real Hamas propaganda movie

  14. 14 Hezbollah and the threat from the North

    Objective: Hizbullah is one of the most dangerous organizations in the region

  15. 15 What is the Muslim Brotherhood?

    Objective: Exploring the Muslim Brotherhood

  16. 16 5 Facts about the West Bank

    Objective: 5 Things you didn't know about the West bank

  17. 17 5 Facts about Gaza

    Objective: Gaza explained

  18. 18 5 Facts about The Golan

    Objective: Learn about the Golan and its history

  19. 19 5 facts about the History of Saudi Arabia

    Objective: A brief understanding of Saudi Arabia

Lessons in Master the Art of Effective Public Speaking:

  1. 1 Understanding the Importance of Public Speaking

  2. 2 How to Overcome Fear and Nervousness

  3. 3 Over coming Fears 2

  4. 4 Podiums and Mics

  5. 5 How to use your voice as a secret weapon

  6. 6 Using Visual Aids Effectively

  7. 7 Secrets to Engage Your Audience

  8. 8 Create a problem

  9. 9 Preparing for Q&A

  10. 10 BONUS Real secrets about Q&A from Neil

  11. 11 Audio Class: Overcoming Q&A

  12. 12 Discover Story Telling with Impact

  13. 13 The art of 1+5+1 story telling

  14. 14 How to end and receive a standing ovation

  15. 15 Mega Secrets of Successful Speakers

  16. 16 Body Language. The Myth and Reality

  17. 17 Eye Contact. Where do I look?

  18. 18 Audio Class: What do I do with my hands?

Lessons in Argue to Win: The Ultimate Dynamic Debating Workshop:

  1. 1 Introduction: Mastering the Art of Persuasive Discourse

    Objective: We will introduce the art of debating and kick off our unique class

  2. 2 Debate Evolution: Tracing the Path of Persuasion Through Time

    Objective: Explore the history of debating.

  3. 3 Discover the different debate styles

    Objective: There are many different styles of debating, let's discover them together.

  4. 4 Debating can also be written

    Objective: Did you know that debating is not only written?

  5. 5 Is debating important?

    Objective: Why debate? There are hidden bonuses.

  6. 6 Argument Architect: Crafting Compelling Points with Precision

    Objective: How to construct an argument that is guaranteed to win

  7. 7 Tailoring your argument for different audiences

    Objective: It's not what you say, it's how they understand it

  8. 8 Worksheet for Audience assessment

  9. 9 How to weaken an opponents argument

    Objective: Now we are gaining speed in section three and learning the hard core techniques

  10. 10 How to refute evidence with ease

    Objective: Learn to blow your opponents arguments up

  11. 11 Rip your opponents argument to pieces

    Objective: By this point, your opponent won't know what has hit them

  12. 12 Delivering Your Argument to win

    Objective: Learn how to deliver your argument. An essential element to winning your argument

  13. 13 The Rule of Three

    Objective: There are three reasons to read this class....

  14. 14 How to deliver the Zinger.

    Objective: Knock them out with a sentence

  15. 15 How to trap your argument opponent

    Objective: This class discovers the secret of debating. How to lay the trap for the opponent

  16. 16 Was Trump an effective debater?

    Objective: Love him, hate him, he was definitely unique in style!

  17. 17 The Gish Gallop Technique

    Objective: The what? Discover more. You will love it

  18. 18 6 secrets of winning every argument

    Objective: 6 secrets crammed into one class!

  19. 19 Using red herrings in a debate

    Objective: Not the fish...

  20. 20 Using logical fallacy in debating

    Objective: Navigating Persuasion: Harnessing the Power of Logic in Debates

About Neil

Neil Lazarus is a renowned speaker, expert facilitator, and the founder of AwesomeSeminars. He is widely recognized for his expertise in areas such as communication, leadership, cultural understanding, and geopolitics, particularly in the context of the Middle East. Neil Lazarus has conducted engaging and impactful seminars for individuals and organizations around the world, empowering them to achieve personal and professional success.

What Our Members Have to Say:


"I'd like to thank you very much for your recent tour in Canada. Judging from the feedback I received your seminars were very effective in engaging and training your audiences to become better advocates for Israel. You provided students and community members with necessary and pragmatic tools to become stronger advocates for Israel. Your seminars were educational, stimulating and interactive and I believe all of those who participated gained a lot from your sessions."” ― Miriam Ziv: Former Ambassador of Israel to Canada
β€œ"Neil is one of the greatest communicators working in Jewish education. He brings professionalism, humor and passion to his talks, and is extremely effective. In the media and propaganda war against Israel and the Jews, I'm glad he is on our side!"” ― Shlomo Gestetner: Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies
β€œ" Neil has demonstrated a remarkable ability to inform and engage a wide range..of audiences. His presentations are substantive,educational and hugely entertaining. He successfully communicates an impressive body of knowledge on Israel and the Middle East,while tactfully incorporating personal insights and humor into his presentation. There is no one in the field of Israel Advocacy that is currently having a great impact than Neil.” ― Orli Gil: Former Consulate General of Israel Chicago
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