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Why is this course so important?  Israel and the Middle East are at the center of global attention. From geopolitical tensions to cultural exchanges, this region influences international affairs in profound ways. 

By enrolling in this course, you'll gain valuable insights into the historical roots of the conflicts, the nuances of different cultures, and the ongoing challenges faced by this fascinating part of the world.

In our fast-paced global society, being knowledgeable about what's happening around us is essential. 

Understanding current events allows us to navigate the complexities of our interconnected world. When it comes to the Middle East, staying up-to-date on the latest developments is crucial for forming informed opinions, engaging in meaningful discussions, and advocating for positive change.

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The French and British Get Busy

Sykes Picot causes chaos

We will explore The Sykes Picot agreement

Colonialism causes a mess

We will discuss Colonialism in the Middle East

Sunnis and Shiite

Sunnis and Shiites, ya wot?

Discussing the Sunni Shiite Conflict

Sunni and Shiites In Depth

Discussing the Sunni Shiite Conflict

Big Ideas

Arab Spring or Arab Winter?

An Egyptian dissident explains

A Middle East Sandwich

understanding the Middle East via a sandwich

The Iraq War and its consequences

Understand why the war in Iraq was such a turning point

The Israeli Palestinian Conflict Explained

Trying to explain the conflict simply

Settlements, a block to peace? "Bricks and Blocks: Unraveling the Settlement Puzzle"

A settler explains his perspective

Jerusalem. A holy mess

Why is Jerusalem so problematic

Atomic Antics: Iran's Nuclear Mumbo Jumbo

To understand Iran's nuclear threat

Non State Players

Hamas Explained

Understanding Hamas and Islamic Jihad with a real Hamas propaganda movie

Hezbollah and the threat from the North

Hizbullah is one of the most dangerous organizations in the region

What is the Muslim Brotherhood?

Exploring the Muslim Brotherhood

5 Facts

5 Facts about the West Bank

5 Things you didn't know about the West bank

5 Facts about Gaza

Gaza explained

5 Facts about The Golan

Learn about the Golan and its history

5 facts about the History of Saudi Arabia

A brief understanding of Saudi Arabia